Hi loyal foodies,
Explore the chance to pick up your order and meet Joy. Would be nice to meet with you, of course not forgetting social distancing. We give you gratis extra's.  Keep a look out for all the newbies we got coming. Just for you we love you. Thanks in advance.


Little Jamaica's new opening hours & days
Wednesday to Sunday 17.30  - 22.00

Team Little Jamaica

 Brouwersvaart 146
 Haarlem 2013 RE

06 1839-3198

 Hi loyal foodies, 

                     We are back, nice to see you to see you nice.                                                  Press the star below to order from our actual menu.                                                                   

Little Jamaica Weekend


The actual menu-press on the star 

Pay direct with ideal. Thanks in advance.                                     


How we operate.

  • Every Thursday to Monday we have Jamaican - Caribbean dishes on the menu, including side dish.
  • We have our own delivery services, we call them after your order has been placed and ready to be delivered.
  • TIP: These dishes are also available to pick up - @ our pick-up point - Brouwersvaart 146 Haarlem 2013 RE ( Centrum )
  • Why not order your dish in advance.  Call us on  (06) 1839 3198.  Thanks in advance.

Click on my picture above, this will enable you to view all dishes, the magic is you can order directly from Little Jamaica menu website. Call us. 

Here is the menu for this weekend! More choices, Jamaican drinks & vegetarian dishes


Press on the star above.

Jerk Chicken served with rice and

kidney beans, creamy coleslaw with cranberries & dumpling   13.50- Large                                                                                        Small portion  ca 150 Gram.                                 9.50                                             


Ackee and Salt fish or Ackee & Tofu Jamaica's national dish served with steamed basmati rice. fresh salad & a dumpling.

16.00 - Large Tofu & Ackee vegetarian                                


Jamaican creamy curry chicken, red & green sweet peppers served with yellow rice & fried dumpling 13.50 Large                                                                                                      Small portion ca 150 Gram.                                 9.50


Creamy curry tiger shrimp ca. 240 grams
Served with yellow or white rice
Coleslaw cranberries, and dumpling. 
€18.00                                                                  (Please order this dish in advance.) Large



Stewed tender beef

served with glazed veg, butter beans

Jasmine saffron steamed rice and a dumplings. 15.00. Large.                                    Small portion 9.50                                                                           


Jamaican curried goat stew. 

This dish is only by reservation. served with rice of choice, coleslaw and a dumpling.         €19.00                                                                   Taste so much better fresh. Large.


Select your favorite dish or dishes, phone (06) 18 39 31 98 to place your order. Also what's app.

Note:  All the meat used for our dishes is strictly Halal.

This food delivery service is only available in Haarlem
 and near by
New! Wednesday - Saturday 17.30 - 22.00.


Jerk mackerel, boiled potatoes, boiled dumplings, sweet potatoes & salad.

Crispy big chicken,

wings with side dish.


Salmon Jerk or natural

on a bed of salad and

side dish 

Ackee and Saltfish Jamaica national dish served with steamed basmati rice & fresh salad.


Jerk Chicken served with rice and

kidney beans, creamy coleslaw and cranberries.

Jamaica Grilled Jerk Chicken served with glazed sweet potatoes and a fresh salad.

Real Jamaican beer  €3.75

Ginger beer soda €2.75

Ting (Jam soda)  € 2.75

Cola  €2.25

Fanta €2.25

Spa blauw  €2.25

Heineken  €2.50

All drinks are 330m

Water - 0,5l

Fresh, Jerk Chicken, marinaded for your grill. Unwrap the magic in the comfort of your garden. Call 06 1839 3198.  Order yours everybody else has. Whoop whoop.