Nieuwe hidden gem: bij Little Jamaica Bistro eet én bestel je Jamaicaans met een culinaire twist.


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This is my unique story of how I became the chef of Caribbean Jamaican cuisine. Hi, I'm Joy, and I was born in Montego Bay, Jamaica. When I was just 5 years old, my parents and I emigrated to Birmingham, England.

At the tender age of 9, I had an adventurous spirit and a burning desire to cook for my family. I vividly remember asking my mother if I could take charge of the kitchen for the day. With her big eyes fixed on me, she hesitantly agreed.

I prepared the onions, garlic, thyme, and cabbage, but she insisted on handling the meat herself. To keep an eye on me, my older sister was assigned the task of supervising in the kitchen. Little did we know what was about to unfold!

Please continue reading to discover the exciting turn of events that unfolded during that fateful day in the kitchen.

As I prepared the meal, I made a few unintentional blunders. Instead of using cabbage for the salad, I mistakenly cooked it. The dumplings, too, posed a challenge as I used the wrong flour, causing them to expand and jump out of the pot. It was quite a sight!

When my mother entered the kitchen, she was taken aback by the chaos before her. With a mix of shock and amusement, she exclaimed, "My sweet lord, child, what have you done?" We couldn't help but burst into laughter together. Despite the mishaps, my mother hugged me tightly and reassured me that at least I had tried.

That day became a turning point for me. I made a promise to myself to study and master the art of Jamaican cuisine. With each passing day, my love and passion for cooking grew stronger. I owe it all to my dear mother, who may no longer be with us but remains in my heart. Thank you, Mum, for your guidance and support.

Today, I proudly carry on the legacy of Jamaican cuisine, infusing it with my own touch of love and passion.



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