Nieuwe hidden gem: bij Little Jamaica Bistro eet én bestel je Jamaicaans met een culinaire twist.


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This is my unique story, about how I became the chef of the Caribbean Jamaican cuisine. Hi, my name is Joy, I was born in jamaica Montego bay. I emigrated with my parents when I was 5 years old. To England Birmingham.  I was just the cute age of 9 years old.

I almost cursed my mother a heart attack! I asked, may I cook for the family today, staring back at me with her big eyes she said

yes. I remember she prepared the onion, garlic, thyme, cabbage, fine she said, but she insisted on cooking the meat. She left my older sister to keep a watch over me in the kitchen, she was not watching.  Here's what happened!!!!


I cooked the salad, instead of the cabbage, used the wrong flour for the boiled dumplings, I used the uncooked cabbage as the salad, with too much salt hahaha. I was so proud of my dish. My mother entered the kitchen, she screamed very loud my sweet lord, pickney weh u a du. (In English child what have you done)  dumplings were jumping out of the pot, due to me using the wrong flour ( self-raising should have been plain.

 They were enormous, and as for the salad well, you guessed right. My mother was laughing so much at my dish, she almost urinated  her pants hahaha. I felt really sad then she hugged me and said baby at least you tried. Ever since that day, I made sure I studied and mastered the Jamaican Cuisine. With a touch of me my love & passion.  Thanks,  MUM RIP. 

Little Jamaica bistro
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